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Her father gave her 50 cents for each sketchbook she could fill with her drawings as well as taking her to The Metropolitan Museum of Art every Sunday. Shortly afterwards, she left to design fabric and murals for children’s rooms. They built a small silkscreen printing press to fit on their dining room table which was only large enough to produce linen placemats. These were then cured in their kitchen oven. Hamm used his sales skills to secure their first order from the department store B. His position was Art Director and later became a Vice President as well.

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An RV full-timer makes art and occasionally sells on eBay. It’s a good life. I had the opportunity this month to participate in several gallery shows here in Truth or Consequences. Last year, I just missed this one because I decided to go spend the winter in Arizona, and I was busy packing and getting ready to leave when the artwork was needed. So I was really pleased to participate this year.

All of the work had to be 4 x 6 inches, in any media just so long as it could be attached to a wall fairly easily.

Hints for Dating Vera Scarves and Clothing Vera clothing is found with a label like the one to the right. The earlier pieces from the mid s will often have % Cotton, or % Silk on the label.

The designer behind the name was Vera Neumann, an artist turned textile designer. Vera began designing textiles in after she and her husband, George Neumann founded Printex along with partner Werner Hamm. They used a small silk-screening machine to print designs onto linen, which Vera then made into placemats. Hamm then took the finished placemats to B.

Altman, where he made the company’s first sale. In the post- WWII period, army surplus silk which had been used for parachutes, became available at cheap prices. Printex started buying it, and soon they were in the scarf business, making the items in their Manhattan apartment, a loft on 57th Street, where Vera and George handled the entire operation.

The “vera” trademark was first used in In , the business had out-grown the loft and was moved from Manhattan to Ossining, NY. The Neumans bought an old mansion which was converted into her studio and factory. For a time the Neumans also lived in the mansion. Vera’s brother, Philip Salaff, joined the company, and it was he who was responsible for the organization of Printex.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined

Vintage Vera Neumann Ask me my all-time favorite designer when it comes to vintage and, hands down, Vera Neumann and her iconic ladybug will be my answer. The breadth of this woman’s creativity, and the overall whimsy and light-heartedness of her designs, just draw me in like a bug to a porch light (but without such a violent end).

Nah, it’s the emotional kind, love and obsession amongst those laugh a minute Victorians. Doctor Zhivago Reissue Quad Art: My wife’s favorite movie, a guilty pleasure for me too but don’t tell her. There is also a stripped down red art version of this that comes up now and then. A Blonde in Love Quad Art: Nice art in my opinion though, despite the watery smudge in top left. This film is not un-related to Primitive London above, and uses some of it outtakes as stock footage for the real Windmill Girls.

I suspect with an “A” rating this would likely disappoint but there would be more of the same coming soon enough, especially those naturist “documentaries”. Two Weeks in September Quad France: Woman Times Seven Quad Art:

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History is not only not over, it has reawakened after fever dreams of history. Kline took one of his black ink sketches of a rocking chair and projected it onto a screen, where the integrity of the image exploded into a set of giant, powerful strokes. From then on, as he developed his signature style of black on white, he meticulously enlarged the sprays and splatters of his brush strokes from sketches he made beforehand.

Her earliest scarves ( through the early s) have “Vera” in small print with no symbols. The labybug & © (C in a circle, copyright symbol) were added to the small “Vera” in the late s. The ladybug remained into the s, however the “Vera” signature got bigger.

The Marcel Breuer papers, , contain biographical material, correspondence, business and financial records, interviews, notes, writings, sketches, project files, exhibition files, photographs, and printed material that document the career of architect and designer Marcel Breuer. Scope and Contents note: The Marcel Breuer papers span the years to and measure They consist of biographical material, correspondence, business and financial records, interviews, notes, writings, sketches, project files, exhibition files, photographs, and printed material that document Breuer’s career as an architect and designer.

This material reflects the prolificacy and diversity of his creations, from tubular steel chairs to private residences, college campuses, factories, department stores, and international, municipal, and corporate headquarters and complexes. The number of awards contained in this series attest to the esteem in which he was held by his colleagues.

Breuer’s Correspondence Series illustrates the interaction of his various colleagues and the operation of his architectural offices in the execution of their projects, many of which were in progress simultaneously.

Vintage Vera: Signed Table Linens & Silk Scarves

Reply The Vintage Fashion Guild recently released a comprehensive guide to fabrics, which includes textures, types of printed patterns, weave, and material. As I was perusing the different fabrics listed there were a few items I think needed to be mentioned to aid in dating vintage clothing as well. Polyesters are made from chemical substances found mainly in petroleum and are manufactured in fibers.

“Artist Vera Neumann” best known for her colorful silk scarves, Vera produced an incredible amount of work in her lifetime (over 20, scarves and 7, pieces of original artwork.” “With World War II in full swing, Vera found linen supplies dwindling and went in search of alternative materials for her products.

Vera Neumann Ask me my all-time favorite designer when it comes to vintage and, hands down, Vera Neumann and her iconic ladybug will be my answer. The breadth of this woman’s creativity, and the overall whimsy and light-heartedness of her designs, just draw me in like a bug to a porch light but without such a violent end. And while she’s most certainly known for being the pioneer in signature scarves, I have to say my favorite finds of her designs are in the fabric napkin form.

I’ve been wanting to do a little research about Vera for a while now, and through various websites, here is what I was able to find out: Born as Vera Salaff on July 24, , the future textile designer came from what seemed to be a supportive, creative family. After they were married, Vera and George moved into a small studio in New York and combined their talents, founding a company called Printex. They built a silkscreen printing press to fit their dining room table and began designing and printing place mats, then curing them in the oven.

As the business grew, they kept upsizing into bigger and bigger apartments, until the couple finally bought an abandoned mansion near the Hudson River, where Vera set up her studio.

Vintage SCARF Lot of 5 Oranges

We all know that as soon as its November 1st no one wants to look at Halloween pictures anymore. My party was inspired by vintage Dennison Bogie Books. After deciding that I needed to know the origin of the iconic screeching Halloween cat face that pops up everywhere, I did a little research and discovered Dennison Boogie Books dating as far back as I fell in love with its wholesome and kitschy suggestions and illustrations of a bygone era.

Most importantly I found inspiration in revitalizing the use of crepe paper as in inexpensive decoration material. I sought out a few vintage Dennison Halloween die cuts and illustrations on ebay to reproduce, ordered a republished copy of a Bogie Book and a few rolls of crepe paper.

Vera Neumann (), primarily a scarf designer, was a wonderful colorist with great graphic style. She signed her textiles Vera. She signed her textiles Vera. Her fabrics are also seen in blouses and dresses from the s and s, using silk as well as cotton.

No news is good news. No knitting yesterday, because we finally had a warm, sunny day! I took advantage of it and did some clean up in my garden OK, patio and storage shed, and then decided to take a trip out to Ikea and pick up some new chairs and a coffee table for our balcony. I was so busy all day that I never knit even one stitch, let alone sew Jewel together. And I was so tired at the end of the day, I stumbled into bed at 8: During all my work, I was very careful not to ruin my mani or break a nail.

I was so proud of myself. I realized I needed to run to the store for bread and bananas. When I got back home, I discovered I had broken a big chunk out of my right thumb nail! So they all had to get taken down. It’s OK though, they were getting a little too long for me to type efficiently! It was quick and easy to file them all down with my new leopard print nail file: I picked a bunch of them up at Walgreen’s the other day when I was there stalking the new Essie summer collection, Braziliant.

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Skeets acts as its systems controller, who aids Booster and is able to take control of the costume if Booster is rendered unconscious. The foundation and strength of viniculture in Western Europe are primarily due, however, to the influence of the Romans. Soon, however, a sensitive male college student shows up on board, and the old man discovers he’s going to need more than a bow if he wants to keep the delectable young thing for himself. And cologne or perfume is also greatly appreciated.

Even if by some ‘miracle’ the blood flows were still wet and not disturbed, as soon as you wrapped the body in an absorbent linen cloth, the blood would spread into the material.

So more. Shop simply vera neumann became hugely popular in the name vera scarf. Vera’s scarves his dinodeos flying over 40, scarves and videos from the late as there are also a datong version without the ladybug remained. Hook cleaning services is a wee vera in .

I Added a soundbar to the mix to eliminate my tower speakers and wires. If you are, let us know what considerations you have when picking one out. May 20, at 5: Is there any way to get it connected? It works but audio level is poor. Can you tell me waht I now need to do to connect and use the sound system please? The problem, of course, is that many people have their flat panel TVs mounted on a wall.

We followed the hook up as you diagrammed but no sound will come out of the hook up vizio sound bar. Is there anything we can do on a tight budget to remedy this? Connecting a sound bar and using it as the hub. The speakers appear to be on the bottom edge of the TV, but I swear the sound comes out of the air vents on the back. February 18, at 6:

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Opening the online store It’s a popular thing to do these days – have an online e-Store to sell items that you might once have sold at the Big Auction place you know the one! I recall when the bay was first getting it’s start as a novel idea for using the web to bring sellers and buyers together across the continents. I even knew some people who made a feasible if not good living income from doing exactly what they were doing in offering products for auction at the big bay.

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As we retrieve the good china, polish the silver, and drag out the decorations from storage, chances are many of the items that grace our tree and dining table are treasured antiques and heirlooms. Noted interior designer and author Tricia Foley visits with writer Candace Manroe, offering tips from her book White Christmas: Writer Elizabeth Hickman talks holiday design with designer Christopher Radko, who is synonymous with Christmas decorations.

And if you are stuck on the perfect gift and want to forgo the crowds at the mall, Better Homes and Gardens Senior Editor of Home Design Amy Panos shares with us her favorite finds from the shops of Ruby Lane. January marks the start of the season of antique and garden shows. I was fortunate enough to attend Brussels Fine Art Fair that is one of the biggest international shows last year. A treasure trove of antiques and art from a variety of categories, it gave me an interesting window on trends in collecting.

I was also fortunate so sit down with the powers that be at BRAFA who were willing to share their behind-the-scenes knowledge on attending and buying at antique shows. If you are an avid collector, live in Europe, planning a vacation, have airlines miles that are about to expire or Santa is extra good to you this year, try and attend! We at Ruby Lane wish you all the best for the holiday season and appreciate your support. And if you want to find me this season, just look in the attic where I will be rummaging through boxes of my own vintage items.

It is hard to believe the holidays are almost here!

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In the other bowl beat the egg whites until it peaks then add sugar and beat until stiff. Fold into the liquor mixture. Always use the freshest eggs possible. If raw eggs are a concern, use an egg substitute product.

There are no grand Georgian or Greek Revival digs. Instead she’s turned her attention to the kinds of places many of us natives admire most: Aesthetically, the houses on her radar are diverse but they all have what Sully describes as a sort of disarming quality — an ability to enchant. Hence the title, Houses with Charm. What I’ve noticed about the sixteen included residences is a nod to tradition — whether obscure or more obvious, in the case of Richard Gibbs and Randy Harleson’s LeJeune House, above — combined with lots of personal warmth.

Sully says that Harleson, author of New Roads and Old Rivers, and architect Gibbs distilled Creole, French Colonial and American looks for a breezier, dressed down take on the classic Louisiana country house. Appropriate because, dating back to , the bones of their place are Creole with later 19th century modifications in a reserved Classical style. In their sitting room pictured here, Sully specifically notes the transoms with muntins in a running-bond brick pattern above interior doorways and Creole-style divided glass doors.

The absence of foufy curtains and upholstery lets these architectural details shine. And speaking of personal warmth, those watercolors above the sofa were painted by Gibbs’s mom. Used in a very different design mash-up, the soft blue-and-white toile sofa in this waterside Mid-Atlantic house done by Mona Hajj becomes the quintessentially Old School piece that serves as a European counterpoint to a host of Near-Eastern textiles: Down the coast at Sullivan’s Island, the Cooper’s previously mentioned house is youthful with a modern edge but retains a strong sense of place.

I like how Timothy McDowell’s contemporary triptych suggests old Asian screens or panel paintings frequently found in traditionally decorated Southern houses. One of designer Amelia Handegan’s most unexpected strokes is the dining room mural.

VERA NEUMANN – Medavog’s private couture collection.