Fiestar’s Jei Captivates in Feminine and Fresh Summer 2016 Wedding Pictorial

They owned the darker concept, especially considering not many other groups chose to be straight-up sexy in Still, a change of pace is a nice breath of fresh air, and as long as they release good music I’ve got nothing to complain about. The girls definitely sound sweet with their proclamations and this is a pretty safe type of song to be releasing. The key ingredient in “Apple Pie” is that Linzy finally gets to shine. She participates in all aspects of the song from the verses to chorus to bridge, similar to how Choa just took over “Good Luck” on her own. The ultimate problem with “Apple Pie” is that the instrumental and singing don’t match. If you had listened to just the instrumental you wouldn’t really think of a pop concept like this. Cute songs get cute instrumentals GFriend , while non-cute songs get non-cute instrumentals Mamamoo.

I Don’t Know (Fiestar song)

Link How do you spend your days off? Practicing at the company, learning Chinese at a foreign language academy, and I also exercise a lot. On days off I like to do pilates and ride bikes.

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It took her nine years of auditions before a company would take her in and just when she thought everything was set nicely in place, it had to fall apart and she was back to square one. There were times when she wanted to drop everything and leave but Linzy had wanted this for so long that she never really thought about anything or anyone else. Linzy just focused on her dream and kept going. But when Hyemi came along, it was then that Linzy realized that there could be something more for her, other than being a singer.

That she could have other dreams too. Coming to her new company after leaving her previous one, she was the tall girl with the really red hair. It felt odd to be sitting in a completely different practice room, wondering if the fact that her hair was outstanding on its own was probably the reason why the other trainees looked at her weirdly.

Nonetheless, she was friendly and smiled politely at anyone who spoke to her, making a few friends along the way. She was wandering through the building one day during break, looking for a place to eat her snacks. The cafeteria was crowded with trainees and staff and Linzy was hoping to find a quiet spot away from people. Practice had been particularly harsh that day. Linzy winced, certain she had pulled a muscle in her leg as she trudged down a hallway.

She stopped in front of a practice room and tried the door knob, sighing in relief when she found it to be unlocked. A few minutes after settling in the furthest corner, with music playing softly from her phone, the door opened and bright light from the hallway streamed into the room.

TvN (Hàn Quốc)

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Fiestar (Korean: 피에스타) is a South Korean girl group formed by LOEN Entertainment in The group originally composed of six members: Jei, Cao Lu, Linzy, Hyemi, Yezi and Cheska. Member Cheska officially departed from the group in March

Music industry — The modern Western music industry emerged between the s and s, when records replaced sheet music as the most important product in the music business. In the commercial world, the recording industry—a reference to recording performances of songs and pieces, labels outside of these three major labels are referred to as independent labels.

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List of programs broadcast by TVN (South Korea)

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Mikyung menggaruk tengkuknya yang tidak gatal, merasa bodoh karena sudah tertidur di dalam mobil Sehun. Tapi sungguh, semalaman ia sama sekali tidak bisa memejamkan mata dan terjaga semalaman. Arah pandang Mikyung menatap lekat pada gedung berlantai 4 yang dibangun di tengah-tengah kota, setelahnya, ia menatap tulisan besar yang berada di atas gedung tersebut. Untuk apa Sehun membawanya kesini?

Karena terlalu serius memandang gedung itu, sampai-sampai Mikyung tidak menyadari jika kini asisten pribadi Sehun tersebut sudah membukakan pintu mobil untuknya. Mikyung keluar dari mobil, dan masuk ke dalam butik tersebut. Sama seperti butik-butik lainnya yang sering ia datangi, ada berbagai macam pakaian yang tergantung di rak-rak serta terpasang di maneken.

Dan Mikyung yakin, jika semua harga baju-baju yang ada disini tidaklah murah; terlihat dari desain dan bahannya. Seorang karyawati menghampiri Mikyung yang bingung tampak langkahnya, ia tersenyum ramah sembari menyapa Mikyung. Mikyung balas tersenyum, lalu membalas sapaan ramah yang ia terima sebelum membuka mulutnya kembali.

Sempat terkejut, tapi seperkian detik mampu mengendalikan, karyawati itu kembali bersikap seperti biasa. Jawaban tersebut juga membuat Mikyung serta merta terkejut bukan main. Tidak hanya wanita itu saja yang terkejut, karyawati yang berada di hadapannya ini juga sama terkejut dengan Mikyung.

Fiestar Jei Fan Meeting

Check out the full interview with Lovely below! Unlike “Candy Jelly Love” this song, while it is still about first love, is about a girl whose heart flutters and who becomes nervous about confessing her feelings to her crush. Any album tracks you’d like to recommend?

tvN (Total Variety Network) adalah saluran hiburan umum Korea Selatan yang dimiliki oleh CJ E&M, yang tersedia pada kabel, SkyLife, dan platform IPTV.

Mir MBLAQ Jaebum JJ Project Cast acara ini emang rata-rata idol yang rookie kalo nggak yang lumayan terkenal disana, kayanya kalo idol yang macam hallyu gitu yang jadi cast-nya bakalan langsung dirajam sama fans nya: Mereka milih untuk ketemu di Bioskop. Awalnya rada lucu juga ngeliat pairing ini, dan Jihyun disini awalnya masih nganggep Hyunsik kayak “dongsaeng” gitu padahal umurnya cuman beda dua tahun.

Nam-ssi” Jihyun langsung ngeh gitu kalo Hyungsik ga begitu kenal dia, akhirnya Hyungsik jelasin dia sebenernya bingung soalnya di 4minute nama membernya hampir sama semua Jiyoon,Sohyun,Jihyun. Pas disuruh ngelakuin mission challenge which is: Hyungsik masih keliatan rada nggak enak gitu soalnya Jihyun tipe-tipe ‘cute noona with manner’ eyaaa. Tapi endingnya pas holding hands juga Jihyun nya senyam senyum aja: Settingnya mereka milih di crossroad.

Ini couple kadang keliatan cocok kadang absurd.

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May 31,  · [Review] FIESTAR – Apple Pie Jei’s blonde is majestic, Linzy continues to rock the black hair, and Hyemi is a sleeper pick that’s growing on me (except that maid outfit is a no-no). Cao Lu, after being shafted in the lines department, gets to be the star of the show (at least in my opinion). Her Snow White impression is adorable.

Your the best artist in this company. I mean its been 3 months! He has never come to see the performances. He never even notices me. It’s the company’s Fifth Anniversary. Of course he’ll be there. I saw him really excited this morning saying how he can’t wait for that night. Oh that means so much!

Cum on FIESTAR Jei

What the f x is going on in the SM building right now? When f x ‘s maknae and beloved visual Sulli suddenly stopped performing last week, most people knew something was up. SM later released a statement about how she had fallen sick and was therefore taking some time off to get better. There have been many cases with SM idols performing despite broken legs and whatnot the throne, anyone? Then f x ‘s entire schedule was cleared and another statement was released, giving the reason for her absence and also declaring an indefinite hiatus from the entertainment industry.

Fiestar Jei Fan Meeting August 1, Filed Under: Fiestar Cute HD photos of Jei, member of Korean girl group Fiestar, at a mini fan meeting event to promote the group’s latest single, One More, .

Part 3, the overall hottest results will be coming soon. Note that “best” boobs or abs doesn’t necessarily mean “biggest”, although it did for many – “best” just means “best” and readers were free to define “best” any way they chose. No “suggestions” were given in order to prevent bias and give an accurate view of what readers thought, readers could pick anybody who is or was a k-pop idol.

The order people listed their idols in mattered – readers’ first pick was weighted higher than their last pick. Results that were ambiguous by leaving out the group name, not being able to spell, mismatching an idol and their group etc were disregarded. Read on for the best boobs and abs! The vast majority of people who voted had Hyosung somewhere in their list of five – but mostly right at the top. Hyosung’s ” Find Me ” comeback no doubt helped things along, and although it was actually visually relatively modest by k-pop music standards these days what with groups like Bambino and Pocket Girls practically giving themselves black eyes with their own jigginess, this probably only increased the thirst for Hyosung’s more subtle approach.

Still, given the wealth of competition, second place ain’t a bad place to be. The correct answer according to readers seems to be “please don’t disrupt my rhythm with such needless questions thank you”. Hyunyoung, I can’t really see your hand, can you stretch a bit higher please? That’s “Post-Tits Stress Disorder”, a medical condition that brings on panic attacks, heavy perspiration and flashbacks to large boobs in a music video two years ago whenever a certain k-pop girl’s name is mentioned.

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In order to become a tolerable girl group official member, usually it should penetrate to 1 competition rate. Even after they go through tough and difficult trainee life, debut and get recognition of fans, every year only 2 3 team manage to be long-lived girl group. A center exists in such girl group. Literally, a main member that is in charge of key role such as beauty, popularity and etc. S Eugene and Fin. The importance of girl group center is well revealed in Mnet’s popular audition ‘Produce ‘.

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The group consists of multi-national members: They made their debut in August 31, with their single, Vista. While many of the members took part in various activities before the group’s formal debut, according to their agency, all of them had been training together for two years and the average training time among the members was 4 years. Her album, titled Cat, was released in under her former stage name, LuLu Maknae and main rapper Yezi also became famous as an underground rapper even before she debuted, since she released various rap mixtapes on her account and garnered high praises from netizens before she was planned to become a member of the group.

Leader Jei did modeling for various online clothing stores and was the female lead for boy band Infinite’s music video for their song ‘Paradise’, Bongshil Sister’s My Love and also for Taw’s music video for Happy Hours featuring Joo and the Lifestyle. She later replaced Joo on the promotions due her being diagnosed with a bump on her throat, and became fine right after the promotions ended.

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And before anyone asks, I’m probably not going to put together a list of males unless there’s enough demand for one. I didn’t particularly like anyone in AOA at their in my opinion boring debut, so it wasn’t until Like a Cat that I noticed how great Choa is. Don’t get me wrong, she looks pretty solid with long hair too.

Feb 11,  · Last July 25, LOEN released a picture with Jei, Cheska, and Cao Lu holding up a book while looking at the camera, and released a statement that Fiestar will be creating an educational program entitled, “Fiestar’s A-HA!

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