How to Identify Brass Antique Markings By Debbie Donner ; Updated April 12, For centuries artisans have been placing their marks on the works they have created, whether in porcelain, glass, silver, gold, stoneware or brass. The most sought-after brass antiques are candlesticks and andirons metal support for fireplace logs from the 18th and 19th centuries. If you wish to determine the age and maker of your antique piece, it will be helpful to know how to identify brass antique markings. Determine if your piece is actually brass and not copper. Both brass and copper will acquire a greenish-blue patina with age and oxidation, which can make proper identification of an antique piece difficult. Generally the most effective way to distinguish brass from copper is by color: Brass has much more yellow to its shade, more like gold.

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Her now husband, Dan, started her pewter collection during their dating years and, in doing so, sparked a passion that still burns brightly today. During her time at Tennessee Pewter, Kathleen has sought to build upon the solid craftsmanship and reputation for quality started decades ago. She is a top authority on fine, hand-made pewter. She is a master pewtersmith, and her eye for beauty and detail has earned her rave reviews as she has helped to set some of the finest tables in the South and beyond.

Candlesticks & Snuffers There is nothing like the power of candlelight — it creates an ambiance unmatched by any other light source (with all due respect to the moon). match Italian pewter candlesticks, hurricanes and sconces gently amplify the warm reflections of a flickering flame.

This was the second company to be founded by Straub – previously in , from the nucleus of a small repair workshop, which he had set up to work on the construction of Geislingen’s famous railway incline, he had founded the Maschinenfabrik Geislingen. This company was involved mainly in manufacturing mill turbines and traded throughout Europe. As early as , the young company distinguished itself by winning a gold medal at the World Exhibition in London.

The company showroom, built in in Berlin, gradually evolved to become the company’s first retail outlet. Three years later, the company was already employing 60 workers. By , the number of employees had grown to approximately and the company was already producing different items. Straub’s company, on the other hand, was the more profitable of the two.

This process was patented and is still in use today. Under Carl Hugele the company gained international standing.

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Selling pewter on the internet Selling pewter on the internet Some notes to help you sell your pewter on the internet. The best prices for antique pewter will be paid by specialist collectors and specialist dealers, most are knowledgeable and if not have access to those who are. Presenting your piece or pieces well will help to sell the goods.

Presenting and describing them poorly will turn off many potential customers.

Candlesticks were made of brass, pewter, glass, sterling silver, plated silver, and all types of pottery and porcelain. The earliest candlesticks, dating from the sixteenth century, held the .

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Dating back to the mid s. Scroll down for images and more info. A beautiful pair of French gilded bronze neo-baroque candlesticks featuring. And wonderful base with scrolled feet.

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From multi-candle floor displays to single tabletop holders, our large selection ensures you’ll find the perfect candlestick for every need. All of our carefully designed candlesticks have widened bases for stability and durable candle holders to last for years to come. Our candlesticks may be used with your choice of candle, though the color often correlates to the type of service or liturgical season. For convenience, we also offer a large selection of church candles in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Traditionally, candlesticks are made of brass or another type of durable metal.

AN INTRODUCTION TO ENGLISH PEWTER CANDLESTICKS With information regarding candles, candle making, wax candles and tallow candles, Figure two is the earliest known dating from the s – simple and unsophisticated it stands 4 ” high. Figure 1 AN INTRODUCTION TO ENGLISH PEWTER CANDLESTICKS.

The Antiques connecting our past with our daily life in the most beautiful way. Stay in touch with your roots, with your tradition and meet another cultures and learn more about them. Wednesday, June 5, Antique silver candlesticks We take the convenience of electric light so much for granted that it is easy to forget how dependent our ancestors were on candlelight. The earliest surviving silver candlesticks werer made solely for ecclesiastical use, as it was only the church who could afford such luxuries.

Early candles were both smoky and smelly, made from beewax or tallow, with those made in France considered far superior to the English variety. Victorian Silver Candlesticks A pretty pair of antique sterling silver candle holders with stepped square bases and Corinthian tops. The columns are decorated with trailing harebells. Base 8 x 8 cms.

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Old Woman with a Candle From about the sixteenth century onwards, living standards improved greatly as evidenced by the increasing availability of candlesticks and candleholders and their appearance in middle class households. At that time, candles were usually sold by the pound in bundles of eight, ten, or twelve. Candles from the beginning of their existence were either made of tallow or wax. Tallow and beeswax candles were important sources of light for the Romans who introduced the dipped candle, rolled and bleached wax candles, and their style of socket candlesticks to Britain.

Before this, rushlights were used to light the British homes and in northern Scotland people used the candle-fir. Candles were either dipped or molded.

Dec 23,  · Thank you Bill for the info too late, I was born with the collecting addiction gene, although not antique at all, I have made a point of buyng one piece of Norwegian made pewter each time I went to Norway, a much nicer souvenir than the regular touristy stuff at the airports etc.

Having first identified the makers marks, place of origin and age of your items makes it easier to research them further. Likewise, appraising and evaluating your items by finding similar examples that have actually sold, helps you determine their worth and gives you a better understanding of current market conditions. In turn, this valuable information leads to better decisions when buying or selling and can prevent costly mistakes in paying too much or selling too low.

It also helps in describing or listing your items using the correct terms to attract more buyers. And in the case of family heirlooms, it enables you to delve more deeply into their history. Stemming from decades of personal experience in the field of antiques and by sharing the same concerns as our professional members, we have created convenient online practical research tools to assist you on a day-to-day basis:

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But one day he walked by Englefields, a pewter manufacturer near his home in the East End of London, saw a help-wanted sign and got the job. Now, 29 years later, he is a freeman of the Worshipful Company of Pewterers – an indication by the old trade society that he is a craftsman of standing. Withrington’s career closely mirrors that of the late William James Englefield, who took over the company in By Englefield, who started work at age 13 in an engineering shop, was a master pewterer, the highest elected position in the trade society.

Today, Withrington is one of the company’s 12 skilled workmen. Although an Englefield has not been associated with the company since the late s it is now part of the Cookson Group , the concern retains its family-like character.

Pewter candlesticks handmade in Italy. Metal Taper Candle holder,Set of 2,Pewter. by Viscacha. $ $ 19 99 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. 4 out of 5 stars Product Features Goes anywhere candlestick,Assembly required. Biedermann & Sons Taper Candle Holder, Set of .

There could be slight variances, such as wood grain. Old Square Ended Benches. Dating from revamp — the first real work done for years at that point, these are really simple and honest country pine pews made by local craftsmen. This one cm L longest length available x 94cm H x 43cm D with shelf x 35 D without. Each seat has an open carved friezework as the back, capped off with a slab of oak with attractive grain.

Each carved end has the feel of a prow and figurehead about it. These are slightly different from each other, but not so it stands out particularly. They are strong and heavy, and will look fantastic in your kitchen or hallway. Also perfect for pub and restaurant benches. Pitch pine and Baltic Pine as it is sometimes known is generally quite red in colour. This is one of the things that sets it apart from ordinary cheaper pine along with its greater weight, strength and resistance to worms and rot.

Colour of our benches may vary — this is an average example Can be made to your specifications.

English Company Is Exclusive Pewter Maker

Dating Pewter Mugs Pubblicato: A splendid piece of plate is a silver counterpart of a black steatite, or soapstone, libation vase from Knossos in the form of a bulls head, with gold horns, a gold rosette on the forehead, and goldplated muzzle, ears, and eyes. Specifically, the large double handle porringer was copied from an Edward Nash London original dating to the early 18th Century..

The 26 ounce coffeepot features a skillfully carved rosewood handle and tapered body, the cream pitcher features a scalloped lip and fanciful handle and the sugar bowl features a beautifully turned lid.

Buy Pewter Candlesticks Pair: Home Décor – FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases4/4(2).

Interior Design for Tudor Homes By Sally Painter Former Commercial and Residential Designer Tudor style foyer A Tudor home is an English traditional design style that is both warm and comfortable; it was named for the Tudor monarchy who reigned from through You can recreate a Tudor interior even if the exterior isn’t Tudor. The modern Tudor design is called “Mock Tudor” and is a very popular design choice.

Designing Around Dark Wood If you aren’t a fan of wood – specifically dark wood – then the Tudor style is not for you. The Tudor style is immediately recognized by its use of stucco accented with dark wood rails. Ceiling Styles Tudor ceilings were also called cathedral since they mimicked those of Gothic styled cathedrals.

Box Beams Box beams stained dark served as both structural support and an aesthetic. If you have a high-pitched or cathedral ceiling, then add authentic-looking wood beams.

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Kayser Sohn of Krefeld, Germany, occupied the changing exhibitions area in the design installation floor at the Museum of Modern Art in New York from October 12, through February 6, The exhibition, comprised of 35 pieces, including candlesticks, tea set and vases, was organized by Associate Curator Cara McCarty, who explains its significance below. The use of pewter as a material in the applied arts was revived during the turn of the century when artists throughout Europe were searching for new forms of expression.

Match Pewter Candlesticks & Lamps Each Match Pewter Candlestick is handmade in Italy, using techniques that are hundreds of years old. Today Match continues this ancient tradition using methods that have been passed down through generations of Italian artisans.

Perfect for a variety of uses, this tray can be used to serve drinks, hold two CW6 decanters as shown or as an “in and out” box at a desk. Over the years, this tray has been made by a number of Colonial Williamsburg licensees including: Handcrafted in mahogany, this beautiful tray features a wonderfully scalloped handle and scalloped sides that are masterfully dovetailed at the corners. Originally used in the Raleigh Travern at table setting time, this tray also can be used for display as well as storage on a sideboard, dining table or desk.

With exquisite turnings, solid base and tray top, this mahogany candlestand is both useful as well as ornamental. It is made of solid mahogany and features a graceful scallop and heart motif. Wonderful for display in a kitchen or breakfast room, this spoon rack is highly desired by the collectors of Williamsburg accessories.

Stieff made numerous pieces from which we have a fine selection to choose including, pitchers, sauce boats, and more. This coffeepot with its straight spout and straight tapered sides contrasts dramatically with the curves of its ebony side handle.

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